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Clinical Trials Of Herbal Medicines

Herbal medicines include a wide range of products that spans from plants collected by people themselves to medicinal products extracted and purified from botanical sources.

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Role Of Bioassays In Development Of Natural Products

The plant kingdom still represents an enormous reservoir of new molecules to be discovered. Among the approximately 250,000 known plant species, only a small percentage has been investigated phytochemically and an even smaller percentage has been submitted to pharmacological screenings. The process that leads from the plant to a biologically or pharmacologically active pure constituent is very long and tedious one, and requires a multi-disciplinary approach. The discovery of promising extracts and the subsequent activity-guided isolation of constituents put specific requirements on the bioassays to be used for the purpose.

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Mass Spectrometry Applications In Natural Products Medicine Analysis

A number of Natural products have been proved to offer an alternative to synthetic drug substances in preventing and treating some Chronic and mild diseases, provided they are of adequate quality and properly used. Many factors influence the quality of herbs, including species variation, environmental conditions, time of harvesting, storage and processing.

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