Biodiversity & Tissue Culture Lab

Indus Extracts is now a Knowledge Partner with Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory to undertake Biodiversity and Bio-prospecting Projects at commercial scale.

Salient Features of this Collaboration:

  • 700 ‘Ready to Transfer’ Commercial Tissue Culture Propagation for Medicinal Plants
  • Capacity of producing 3 Million Plants per Year
  • Supply of Secondary Hardened Plants with Protocol Standardization
  • Micro propagation of plants using advanced Tissue culture techniques (both in vitro and in vivo propagation)
  • Identification of High Yielding Species
  • Bioactivity Guided Fractionation of Plant Actives
  • Suggestions of Early Therapeutic Leads of Non Characterized Plant Actives through Reverse Pharmacology Techniques

Commercial Scale Projects of Medicinal Plants Tissue Culture:

We either conduct one time research to develop a sustainable multiplication system and or supply secondary hardened plants after protocol standardization.

Our prospects provide starter material or Mother Plants that they have identified for specific valuable. We start with stringent plant screening studies to identify potential high yielding accessions to create a "Promising Group database". Then the elimination process is applied, wherein the Elite plants with marked desirable traits are identified based on phenotypic, genotypic and analytical studies.

These elite plants are mass propagated and supplied to farmers for cultivation. Some of the medicinal plants we have produced using tissue culture technology are:

  • Gymnema sylvestre
  • Salacia reticulata
  • Mappia foetida
  • Picrorrhiza kurroa
  • Stevia rebaudiana
  • Costus igneus
  • Melia dubia
  • Zingiber officinalis

We undertake these projects under strictly-adhered-to Non disclosure & Non Circumvent Policy.

Biodiversity & Tissue Culture Lab
Biodiversity & Tissue Culture Lab
Biodiversity & Tissue Culture Lab
Biodiversity & Tissue Culture Lab