What is COA?

Certificate of Analysis is a document which explains various parameters of botanical extract or ingredient. The most important parameters are Manufacturing Batch Number & Date, Origin, Scientific Name of Ingredient, pH value, Bulk Density, Tapped Density, Microbial Limits, Heavy Metals Limit, and Active % of Extract.

What is MSDS?

Material Safety Data Sheet is a document which explains what special precautions you need to take while handling ingredient.

What is Specification Sheet?

Specification Sheet is a document which explains limits of all analytical parameters of any given ingredient.

How should I find my ingredient?

Simply search through website by putting the ingredient name and all available options for your ingredient will arrive on interface.

What if I don’t find Ingredient which I need?

Kindly put us an email or fill up inquiry form and we will come back to you.

Stock Availability & Economic Order Quantity?

We do keep stock for most of the products. As the starting raw material is natural product and seasonally harvested we often optimize inventory. We also manage your inventory time provided scheduled forecast is given so that you get ingredients on time and you avoid keeping an excess inventory.

What is the return policy?

Any ingredient you can return if it is physically damaged, not as per specs within 3 days’ time after you receive.

How should I chose the best ingredient for my product?

Simply put us an email and our Expert Team will identify correct ingredient for you.

Are all ingredients manufactured in GMP Compliant Environment?

We manufacture all ingredients under strict guidance of GMP.

How can I ask for the sample?

We usually provide sample with Specification Sheet and Lead Time of Commercial Supply. If your sample is Tailor Made we will convey how much time it will require to process.

How should I order my ingredient?

Email, phone and fax. ( View our contact information )

Our Extracts are Solvent Residue Free?

All our extracts are Solvent Residue free.

Our Extracts are Pesticides Free?

All our extracts are Pesticides and Insecticides Free.

What kind of Raw material is used in our non organic extracts ingredients?

Wild Ethically Grafted and Cruelty Free, Pesticides Free.

Do Certified Organic Ingredients are 100% Organic?

All our Certified Organic ingredients are 100% Organic means 100% Organic Raw Material, 100% Organic Processing and Packing.